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What do you feel when you miss a call from an important client or a new client? How does it feel when you have an urgent and crucial matter you want to pass across, but the phone is not answered? A missed call in a bail bond company is a missed opportunity. Every client requires a responsive, professional, and reliable company, which are some of the pointers of a credible and efficient company. 

Let us see why answering service is very useful in a bail bond company. 

Answering services saves the risk of a client losing new potential clients. Failing to communicate at the right time when matters related to court are crucial also puts your business at risk. Therefore,  miscommunication may cause the company a great loss if the defendant is disappointed by the company and fails to attend the court proceedings. Most bail bond professionals are stressed with work since they must protect their client's privacy.  

To maintain professionalism in your bail bond company, answering services are highly beneficial to businesses for the following reasons: 

Questions and concerns are raised frequently and patiently addressed to clarify those who call in with their questions or concerns. This creates understanding through communication in the entire process. The answering service provides the required clarity addressing frequently asked questions and concerns raised. This promotes a clear understanding of the criminal justice system's entire process as it is simplified to those availing the bail bonds. 

It is important that every communication made in a bail bond company is received and answered immediately despite the day offs or holidays. Compared to hiring a live receptionist, an answering service attends to customers' issues 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Therefore every communication received is answered immediately irrespective of day and even on scheduled holidays or weekly offs to ensure that no client is left unattended. In an attempt of the caller reaching out to the bail bond company but does not bear fruit, there is a high possibility of the client getting another bail bond company to help out, especially in urgent and timely matters. 

Due to the good customer service that your clients will experience with the answering service, they are likely to refer other clients to your firm when in need of help.

An answering service is meant to ensure good customer service. When they contact your law firm, customers expect that you will listen to them, guide them professionally, and help them out in legal matters by representing them in court proceedings. Availability of an answering service will boost your business as it will always respond to clients' issues at all times.

An answering service responds to clients' issues professionally. Your clients will have an opportunity to learn about your law firm and the type of services you offer. In addition to that, the clients with urgent issues will have them attended because they will be routed, and you will receive a notification.

Answering services come in handy with the translation services, which is an added advantage for both the callers and the operators who man the calls. In most cases, the agents are bilingual, making the caller be at ease because they are confident of a clear understanding of the communication. This minimizes the chances of losing potential clients due to challenges in effective communication due to the language barrier.  

A suitable plan can be laid for the client based on the client's requirements, which will eventually increase the bail bond company's efficiency. Customers may choose different ways of communicating with you. They may choose to use messages, calls, and even mails. Whichever method they use, they expect you to respond to their issues promptly.

It helps you stay organized and keep track of your scheduled appointments and tasks that need to be addressed before given appointments. In businesses where clients must book appointments, answering services come in handy to avoid losing track of the appointments by creating inconveniences on your side and the client. The messages received are stored in a safe portal where you can retrieve them later and call back your clients.

It can be hectic and time-consuming for an individual to do all the calls answering and keeping track of them, scheduling appointments, and replying to the company's messages. However, an answering service leaves you with more time on your hands enough to deal with other company issues. The urgent issues will be relayed to you, and plan on how you will handle them.

Most clients are very certain about what they want. With the current quick-moving society, anytime your clients and potential clients do not get answers to their questions, you will certainly lose many prospects. For instance, you may end up losing a client that may be in urgent need of your representation simply because his message was not answered. Answering services eliminate these chances of losing customers, capturing the prospect by being available when there is a need.  

Your business may fail if you don't have time to deal with some business issues due to much work's bulkiness or stress. To strike a balance, you need an answering service that will eventually enhance your company's productivity. There will be no need to spend the time in the office to answer you, clients.

Live voice interaction and live operator beats other modern communication tools today like voicemail and other automation types. When the client needs to reach their service provider, they want to hear the machine's last response. To help upgrade your law firm, it is advisable to incorporate answering services. 

Answering service helps maintain your business reputation and efficiency by providing you with a 24hour live operator and live voice interaction, thus maintaining a fluent flow of communication with no delay despite the times of the day or season. 

Never missing a call maintains customer interaction and customer service. 

There is an immediate response in answering service with phone messages, voice mail, which might be delayed or lost. Phone calls might be put off too in situations where there is no answering service, creating a roadblock, and losing clients to your competitors.  

It is cost-saving to use a telephone answering service operator instead of hiring a full-time receptionist. 

Most of the answering services come with many packages, and they may allow you to select the package that best fits your budget and type of your business.  

Answering services are of different forms. Here are examples of various answering services: 

In live answering service, callers get to speak to a real person on the end of the line and in real-time. It is rated highly by many callers due to its effectiveness. 

 This answering service is also flexible as these professional operators can work from various places like home, company's office, or hired working spaces.  

This type of answering service is suitable for companies that have multiple clients. It is efficient for companies with high volumes of calls throughout, for example, the telecommunication industry. 

Most web-based companies and businesses mostly use this. However, it can still be used to serve businesses that are not web-based. It is used to make processes such as order processing and making inquiries effortless for clients and callers. 

Online answering service can be used interchangeably with live answering service as most companies do. If you have an online company, this is the most preferably answering service. 

This answering service serves the best industries that require niche-specific technical support.  

This is the perfect type of service for companies requiring 24-hour call answering services. But in this case, the caller does not talk to a real person. 

This type uses the technique of an automated voice, normally with pre-recorded prompts for your callers. A good example can be "Press 1 to talk to one of our agents." 

Many answering services providers out in there all claim to be the best, excellent, and customer-focused. Having this in mind, how do you determine the best answering service provider? 

Here are some six tips to help you to make the right choice. 

Even with quality and modern machines in the answering industry, it requires understanding their back-up plans. Ensure they got the right technology to handle any downtime with utilities and know their previous experiences with downtime. 

Callers want to be attended to by friendly and professional call operators. Most answering service companies train their operators to the best, focusing on professionalism and friendliness as the priorities. 

It is always best to work with service providers who have expertise in their field. Experienced answering service offers the best practices since they are familiar with how callers are handled and how to operate in various situations. It's advisable to make references from trusted companies, especially within your industry.  

Big corporations report to their stakeholders, whereas family-owned and small businesses treat their customers like family offering the best services. Some big corporations seem cheaper but also come at the cost of personal service. This is a great consideration to make for deciding on answering services for a bail bond company. 

As you would prefer to have a well-trained secretary full of information and answers to your callers, the good answering service provider also makes sure it has spent time training the operators to provide great excellent services to your callers and equipping them with all the information needed that callers may be interested in 

It is good to make sure you have made the right choice while choosing your company's best answering service. These few important tips were meant to help you think through some of the concerns that may arise while deciding on an answering machine service. 

  • Dealing with many clients daily on the phone  
  • Several voice messages 
  • Missed opportunities are arising from unanswered calls accompanied by worries.  
  • Being unable to concentrate on your work because you have to respond to clients.
  • Negative feedback from the client about your poor communication problems  
  • Several unanswered calls daily.

Do not make your business suffer or stagnate due to poor communication. Investing in answering service saves you a great deal, retaining clients and attracting new ones increasing productivity, hence its growth. 

When running a bail bond company or law firm, you require a legal answering service. Bail bond company offers surety bond through a bail agent or Bail Bondsman that secures a defendant's release from jail by the court. The courts do not release a defendant accused of a serious crime unless there is surety from a bail bond firm, as assurance they will show up in court by submitting a surety bond or a bail bond, which is in most cases an amount of cash decided by the court. 

Civil Bail Bond - Normally used in civil cases and warrants the payment of the debt, plus the costs and interests which have been assessed against the defendant 

Criminal Bail Bond - used in criminal cases as a surety that the defendant will appear when called upon for trial by the court and warrants payment for any penalties or fines set against the defendant. 

Answering service in a bail bond company comes in very handy. During a crisis, one wants to be attended to immediately, not being put on hold, not speaking to a machine or no answer at all. Due to the nature of the work of bail bond companies, which is sometimes hectic, answering services help a great deal in maintaining and luring potential clients, preventing losses that would be incurred in cases where the defendant may fail to appear in court because of failed communication, keeping track of calls and appointments, replying to messages from callers and inquiries. Bail bond companies should be cautious in choosing the right answering service to be incorporated, the service providers' reputation and experience, the offers coming with different answering services, and the cost.  

If you’ve paid attention to the headlines in the past week, you probably know that a federal judge has revoked Paul Manafort’s bail.

When a judge revokes bail in the federal court system, the defendants do not pass go, they do not collect $200, and in most cases, they’re taken into custody by the US Marshal’s Service before they have a chance to walk out of the courtroom.

If you’re wondering why this is so significant, or how federal bail bonds is different from bail bonds for state cases, you’ve come to the right place.

Manafort’s $10 million-dollar mistake

The biggest difference between the federal and state bail bonds, is while state bail guarantees the defendant will go to court, federal bail bonds not only guarantee court appearance, they guarantee all terms and conditions of the defendant’s release.

If you’ve been asked to help arrange an immigration bond for someone who is being held at an ICE detention facility, it’s natural to have lots of questions about how the process works.

Although immigration bonds share some similarities with state and federal bail bonds, they also have some differences. For example, whereas state and federal bail bonds are posted for defendants who are accused of breaking the law, immigration bonds are used when someone has been charged with being in the United States without proper documentation.

Here is another example of the so called “PARS” program at work…..or rather, FAIL to work, as the case may be.

In January of this year the defendant, Samantha Marcial, (case #16CF0430, see attached) was entered into the PARS program and released from custody after being charged with felony burglary and grand theft.  She since has picked up another grand theft/receiving stolen property case and has been a fugitive since March. Because there is no bail bond agency and co-signers incentivized to have Ms. Marcial appear in court, she will more than likely remain a fugitive. This means justice goes unserved (so sorry victims) or if by chance she gets picked up again, it’s the tax-payers that carry the costs of apprehension and incarceration.

Regardless as to whether someone is arrested by the local police, the U.S. Marshal Service (USMS) or Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE), one of the first questions people often relates to how much it will cost to get them out. 

In some ways, immigration bonds are similar to state and federal bail bonds. For example, in all three instances, when a bond is posted, the detained person can leave the jail (or ICE detention center) and resume their day-to-day life while their case is being decided. On the other hand, the cost to arrange state, federal and immigration bonds, varies.

By Diane Bass, Criminal Defense Attorney, Orange County, California

Bail Bondsmen play a completely different roll in Federal Court. The federal court does not accept bail bonds in the same way that they do in State Court. Bonds in Federal Court are either Signature Bonds which are unsecured bonds very similar to a promissory note, usually signed by a responsible third party. The other type of bond used in Federal Court is a Property Bond or a Bond that is secured by property, almost always real estate.

If you have a friend or loved one who is being held in an immigration customs and enforcement (ICE) detention center, you likely have a lot of questions about immigration bonds. For example, how do ICE bail bonds work? How much will they cost, and what will you need to do to get your loved one released from custody?

This is where immigration bail bonds companies come in. When you call our office, we’ll help guide you through the process, step by step, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and address your concerns

If you are appearing in Central Court on a warrant or your current bail may go higher, be sure to have a qualified bondsman with you, otherwise you will be sent to jail. The new policy states that if at any point a judge“remands a defendant to the custody of the Sheriff”, they will no longer accept a bail bond in court and the defendant will be sent to Orange County Jail.

Bail serves a very important function — allowing individuals to secure release from jail before trial, reflecting the American ideal that all are presumed innocent until proven guilty — and that is why it has been the most common way to secure release throughout the history of the American justice system. While bail allows an individual to go free temporarily, it creates a financial incentive for the accused to show up to court, as they will forfeit all funds if they do not appear.

Our bail system also puts the burden of ensuring compliance on third-party bail bond agents, rather than on law enforcement alone. This is because bail bond agents have a financial interest in getting their clients to court or — if the individual tries to evade justice — recovering the accused and delivering him or her to the court. Typically, bail bond agents also require the involvement of family and friends to co-sign and guarantee the appearance of the defendant in court, otherwise they could be held financially liable.

However, under the new law SB10, bail will effectively be eliminated as an option for release.

As an ExpertBail member we strongly support changing the way the public views our industry. The stereotypes portrayed in television and films could not be farther from the truth about bail bondsmen, the types of people we help and how we conduct business on a day-to-day basis. ExpertBail is at the forefront of this “rebranding” effort and Bail Bond Professionals is extremely proud to be associated with this exclusive group of the finest bail agents across the country.