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Orange County Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds in Tustin

Whether you have dealt with an arrest in the past or not, getting a phone call at two in the morning telling you a loved one is in the Orange County Jail can be discouraging. California residents who live in Tustin, Anaheim, and other Orange County communities can call the Bail Bond Professionals if they need immediate assistance. All of their agents are licensed and bonded and can handle any type of bail bonds case in question. Call 888-389-2245 to talk to an agent, any time, day or night. If a loved one has been arrested, you need to get their bond posted as soon as possible so they don't miss work and leave their family obligations unfulfilled.

After an Arrest

After an arrest, the defendant is sent to the jail where they are booked and processed. This can take anywhere from two to six hours and involves many steps. Once their identity has been verified, they will be fingerprinted, interviewed, and a background check performed to determine if they have any outstanding warrants. They will be placed in a holding cell or transferred directly to the general population depending on whether or not they are going to try and post bond.

Bail Bonds: What You Need to Know

As soon as you learn the basics about the arrest, your first step should be to call the Bail Bond Professionals at 888-389-2245. The agent who answers the phone will begin to fill out the application and can take your payment over the phone to expedite the process. If you would prefer, you can bring your money, check, or money order to the office. As soon as the note is secured, the agent will be on their way to post your loved one's bond and get them out of jail.

The release process can take several hours and will depend on how busy the jail is. Before the defendant is released, they will have to agree to the terms of the bond agreement and be willing to follow the guidelines put in place by the court for their arrest. The bail bonds agent will go over all of the details within the bond agreement and then drop off the defendant wherever they need to go.

As a co-signer, it is important to remember that you are assuming responsibility for the entire amount of the bond when you sign the application. If you begin to feel uncomfortable at any time with the decision you've made, you can ask for the bond to be revoked. This allows you to be released from your obligation, but also means your loved one will be returned to the Orange County Jail. The 10% premium you paid to post the bond is non-refundable and won't be returned.

Upholding Your Part of the Bargain

The defendant will be required to comply with several stipulations put forth by the court. A few of these can include:

  • Do not leave the Orange County area
  • Do not be charged with any additional crimes
  • Report all changes in address or personal contact information
  • Report all changes in employment
  • Attend all scheduled court hearings
  • Attend any and all drug and alcohol classes ordered by the court (only certain types of cases)
  • Report to your bail bonds agent on a regular basis

By checking in with your bail bonds agent, you will be made aware of any changes in your court dates or the details of your case. Remaining in compliance with the wishes of the court is part of the bail bonds process. Once your case is finished, your bond will be released and your co-signer will no longer be responsible for the money.

If you miss court, you will need to immediately call the clerk of the court and let them know. Your prompt attention will ensure the court knows that you were not trying to avoid your responsibilities. Mistakes do happen, and as long as they are not recurring, you can talk to the court and make the necessary arrangements needed to re-schedule your court date. If you missed court on purpose, your co-signer will be notified that the entire bail bond amount is now due and owed to the courts immediately. If you do not return to the jail willingly, the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest. Once you are returned to the jail, you will be held without bond until your court date.

Professional, Courteous Service

At Bail Bond Professionals, each agent offers Tustin area residents the most professional and courteous service possible. We understand the importance of maintaining the highest level of confidentiality at all times. Our clients are like their family and they always go the extra mile. As a defendant and co-signer, you have rights and the agents are dedicated to making sure they are protected at all times. Don't trust your future to just any bail bonds agency. Call the Bail Bond Professionals. We will respect your right to privacy and afford you every convenience possible to make sure the process goes smoothly.

Having to hire a bail bonds agent in the wee hours of the morning is not a pleasant task. That is why our company always has a live agent available at all times. The last thing you need is to have to speak into a machine. It only adds to the stress and makes things very stressful. When you call our offices, you don't have to worry. No matter when you call, someone will be available to pick up the line and take your information. Within 30 minutes, the application will be filled out and the bond secured. The next step is sending the agent to the jail to retrieve the defendant and bring them home.

If you are dealing with an arrest or have found out that you have an arrest warrant issued for you, call the agents of the Bail Bond Professionals at 888-389-2245. We can go fill out the bail bond application and will allow you to secure the bond. Once everything is in order, our agents will go with you to the jail and post the bond. If you are turning yourself in, the agent assigned will post the bond while you're being processed. Either way, you or your loved one will be released and on the way home in no time at all. If you live in the Tustin, California area and have questions about bail bonds issues, call the Bail Bond Professionals today! We can answer all of your questions and are ready to get the process started whenever the need arises.

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