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Orange County Bail Bonds

Things You Should Know First About Bail Bonds

When you chose an Orange County bail bondsman you are giving them the keys to your freedom so it’s critical to choose an honest and trustworthy agency that is upfront and prepared to help, not take advantage of your unfortunate situation. The wrong choice can end up costing you financially and emotionally. Here are some important things to look out for before selecting a Orange County bondsman:

Annual Premium (charging you more than once):

Criminal cases can often times continue for longer than one year. Most bail agencies require you to pay premium again after the first year and every subsequent year. This is called an “Annual Premium” and it’s nothing more than a scam. Cases involving serious felonies can continue for many years potentially costing families tens-of-thousands of dollars every year. Bail Bond Professionals NEVER charges annual premiums. One bond, one premium payment no matter how long your case continues.

Late File Premium (charging you twice):

When someone has been arrested and they appear in court, it then becomes the responsibility of the Orange County District Attorneys (D.A.) Office to file charges against the defendant. Often times the D.A.’s office is not prepared to file charges due to a lack of evidence or they are simply too busy to file the case at that point. If the D.A. does not file charges within 15 working days, the bail bond is automatically exonerated (released) as an operation of law. But, if the case is filed after the 15 days and the defendant is ordered back to an orange county court, they may still need a bail bond to remain free. Most bail agencies will charge you bail premium again to post a new bond on the same case. Bail Bond Professional would NEVER take advantage of this situation and will write a new bond at NO CHARGE to you.

Reassumption of Liability Fee:

If the defendant fails to appear in court, for whatever reason, the judge will forfeit the bail bond and the bail agency will be notified. Often times this happens because of miscommunication between the defendant and their attorney, a court clerk mistake or the defendant simply forgot about their court date. This only requires the defendant to return to court in the near future with a letter from the bail bond agency indicating the agency agrees to allow the defendant to remain out on bail. This letter, or “motion”, is called a “Reassumption of Liability”. Most bail agencies will charge a $100 fee or more to allow you to stay out on bail. Not Bail Bond Professionals of Orange County! We always do what is right for our clients and do not charge for Reassumption of Liability.

These are only a few reasons to choose BBP before any other bail bond agency.

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