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Orange County Bail Bonds

Santa Ana Police

The Santa Ana jail is located at 60 Civic Center Plaza near the corner of Civic Center and Flower. See map.

Need bail in Orange County? For immediate assistance with bail at this local police department's jail, call (714) 389-2245 or (888) 389-2245. We look forward to helping you.

The Santa Ana jail typically does not hold defendants very long before transporting them to the Orange County jail. We suggest you contact us immediately for assistance, as the Orange County jail takes a lot longer to have defendants released from custody. When you call, you'll talk directly to the owners, Jason Meyerson or Chris Kiperman, who can explain the Santa Ana bail bond process and answer all your questions. If it is convenient for you, we will arrange to meet at the Santa Ana Police Department Jail and have your family member or friend released within an hour.

So, if you need a bail bondsman NOW for someone arrested and held at the Santa Ana jail, owners of Bail Bond Professionals, Jason Meyerson and Chris Kiperman are available to help you. Call us at (714) 389-2245 or toll free (888) 389-2245 for immediate assistance with Santa Ana bail bonds. We've been serving the Santa Ana community and beyond for more than 15 years.

Our services include:

• Flexible payment plans*.
• Free professional guidance.
• Personal and confidential 24-hour customer service.
• We will come to you if it is most convenient.
• We appear in court with our clients whenever necessary at no charge.
• Visa, MC, Amex and Discover cards accepted.


We're Committed to Quality Service

At Bail Bond Professionals, we ensure each interaction with our company leaves our clients with a feeling of support and relief. We do this by providing services directly to clients from owners Jason and Chris. We choose to keep our company small so customer service and professionalism never suffers. And we're available at any time, so you can talk to an expert whenever you need to. This is why so many high-profile defense attorneys continue to rely on us to assist their clients when they need a Santa Ana bail bond.

So, if you need bail, Orange County experts at Bail Bond Professionals provide the FASTEST service to those in the Santa Ana jail. Please call (714) 389-2245, right now.

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