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Tustin Police

The Tustin Police Department is located at 300 Centennial Way in Old Town Tustin which is in between Main Street and First Street. See map.

For Immediate assistance with Tustin bail bonds call (714) 389-2245 or (888) 389-2245.

We look forward to assisting you.

We are the FASTEST and BEST solution for having those arrested by the Tustin Police Department released QUICKLY, (714) 389-2245.

Do you need a professional bail agent NOW for someone arrested by the Tustin Police? We are located across the street from the Tustin Police department and Jason and Chris have been professionally serving the Tustin community and all of Orange County for over 15 years and are immediately available to assist you. Call (714) 389-2245 or toll free (888) 389-2245.


Our commitment to professionalism and excellence...

Our name says is it all. "Professionalism" is the cornerstone to our company ethos and our former clients and numerous defense attorneys will gladly testify to this truth. We have chosen to keep our company small and personal because it is our core belief that those requiring bail are best served by an experienced and truly professional agent that is ALWAYS available, not answering services and shady characters. This is why many high profile defense attorneys in Tustin and throughout Orange County continue to relying on us to assist their client's in time of need.

Those arrested by The Tustin Police Department are transported directly to Orange County Jail in Santa Ana. The booking process takes several hours at the county jail but contact us now to help monitor the booking process for you. When you call you will talk directly to the owners, Jason Meyerson or Chris Kiperman, who will clearly explain the Tustin bail process and answer all your questions. Our office is located in Old Town Tustin directly next to the Tustin Police Department.

For immediate assistance with Tustin Bail Bonds call (714) 389-2245.

Our service includes:

• Unequalled personal, professional and confidential customer service.
• Free Information and Advice. Don't hesitate to call to just ask questions. We are the Tustin Bail Bond specialists.
• Flexible payment plans*
• NO ANNUAL PREMIUM REQUIRED. Don't get caught having to pay twice.
• We will come to you if it is more convenient.
• We will appear in court with our clients whenever necessary at no charge.
• 24-hour service
• Visa, MC, Amex and Discover accepted

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