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Orange County Bail Bonds

Laguna Beach Police

The Laguna Beach Police Department and jail is located at 505 Forest Ave. See map.

If you need immediate assistance with bail for the Laguna jail, call (714) 389-2245 or (888) 389-2245.

We look forward to helping you.

Need an expert bondsman IMMEDIATELY for a friend or family member at this local jail? Bail Bond Professionals is run by owners Jason Meyerson and Chris Kiperman, who have been providing Laguna Beach bail bonds for more than 15 years. We're ready to assist when you call (714) 389-2245 or toll free at (888) 389-2245.

Laguna's jail is considered small and typically does not hold defendants very long before transporting them to the Orange County jail. We suggest that if you're seeking bail bonds in California, contact us immediately for assistance. The OC jail takes many more hours for defendants to be released from custody. When you call us, you will talk directly to one of the owners, Jason or Chris, who will explain the process and answer questions. If it works for you, we'll arrange to meet at the jail to have your family member or friend released within 10 to 20 minutes.


Our Promise Is Excellence

Professionalism. It's what we've built our company on -- that's why it's part of our name. At Bail Bond Professionals, our work ethic is backed by a commitment to excellence in our industry.

Top defense lawyers and clients know this, and turn to us again and again for professional guidance and partnership. Our bail bond agents are also the owners of the company, which means you'll experience a level of service you won't find elsewhere. We choose to have a small staff comprised of owners so personalized attention, expertise and client service is never compromised.

For immediate assistance with bail bonds in California, call (714) 389-2245.

Our services include:

• Flexible payment plans*, NO ANNUAL PREMIUM REQUIRED and payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, Amex and Discover.
• Personalized attention, professional guidance and confidential discretion.
• Free expert consultation. Contact us if you have any questions - even if you don't choose to work with us.
• Going the extra mile. We will come to you if it's more convenient and we appear in court with clients whenever

*Conditions apply.

Get your family member or friend out quickly. We're the BEST choice for Laguna Beach bail bonds. Please call (714) 389-2245, right now.

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