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When you chose a bail bond business to assist you with a large bail bond (million dollar bail bond or more) you are literally putting the freedom and security of your loved one into their hands. This is why it’s important to do extensive research first and become informed before entering into a relationship with an agent.

The size of a bail bond can vary considerably depending upon the type of crime, if the defendant has prior convictions, the county which the crime was committed and other extenuating circumstances. Bail for serious crimes like rape, murder and large drug sales can reach into the millions of dollars. Bail is set high because serious felonies like these often carry a lengthy prison sentence which increases the chances of a defendant fleeing the case prior to sentencing.

Not many have the resources or the will to post such a large bail bond. It requires a significant asset to be used as collateral and at least a portion of the premium to be paid up front. If you do have the resources, it’s extremely important you choose the right agency to assist you. Serious and complex cases often times continue in the pre-trial phase for longer than a year, sometimes several years. If you chose a bail business that charges an “annual premium” it can be a very, very expensive mistake. Imagine paying a $100,000 premium to get your loved one out of jail, then being told you need to pay again or else your house will be foreclosed upon! This will never happen with us, we never charge annual premiums. We simply believe it is morally and ethically wrong to required payment twice (or more) on a bail bond for the same case.

Another tactic used by some businesses is to require the defendant to wear a GPS monitoring device while out on a large bond. Generally speaking, we don’t believe having to monitor the day-to-day activities of those we have out on bail will add security. First and foremost, there must be mutual trust between the defendant, the co-signers and the bail agent. If we are unable to establish this trust then most likely we are not willing to write the bond.

Bail Bond Professionals has the largest underwriting authority in the industry and are known as the “large bond specialist” in Southern California. We write $1,000,000 bail bonds routinely so I’m confident we can help you.

For large bail bonds we offer:

  • Flexible and extended payment plans with no interest.

  • NO ANNUAL PREMIUMS. Never pay twice with us.

  • Multi-signature bail bond underwriting when short on collateral.

  • Out of state property O.K.

  • Instant approval.

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