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Orange County Bail Bonds

DUI Bail Bonds in Orange County

Driving under the Influence (DUI), aka Driving while Intoxicated (DWI), is a crime taken very seriously in Orange County California and the punishment can be harsh. Suspending your drivers license, requiring numerous Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, performing community service, fees & fines, and jail time are the most common sentences for DUI offenses. Sentencing can vary greatly depending upon your blood alcohol level, prior offenses, other traffic offenses and many other factors, but before sentencing you are given options for remaining out of custody while your case is pending.

Bail for a DUI offense in Orange County is usually not required, if and only if, it is your first offense.

If you are arrested for a DUI and you have a prior DUI conviction within 10 years there is a very good chance you may need at least a $10,000 bail bond. Two DUI’s within 10 years would typically require a $15,000 bail bond.

If you have a prior DUI and are still on probation, you may need as much as $25,000 bail because a probation violation has occurred and bail for this offense by itself is $15,000.

DUI with injury to another person inside or outside of the vehicle will require a $100,000 bail bond to be posted before releasing you from custody.

There are five courts in Orange County and each judge will handle DUI cases a little differently but most will follow the above outlined bail requirements for DUI in Orange County.

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