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Orange County Bail Bonds

What to Expect if You Get Arrested in Garden Grove

If you or your loved gets arrested by Garden Grove Police, you need to know every detail of what to do and what to expect.

Once they’ve been arrested, they are taken to the Garden Grove Police Department.  Once they get booked for the criminal case, the following procedures happen:

  • They may take mug shots and fingerprints.
  • The defendant may questioned about the details of the case.
  • Their photographs and fingerprints get recorded

If you act quickly at this point to arrange bail, there is a chance they can be released from the Garden Grove Jail, otherwise they will be transferred to the Orange County Jail in Santa Ana.

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Adding, these jails are crowded and may cause great discomfort and isolation for our closed ones.

To avoid further hassle and a longer wait period, you have the option of contacting the Bail Bond Professionals.

Garden Grove Police: Bail Bond Professionals

The arrest of a close one can be pretty daunting and testing in any situation. Most of the time, you will be stuck with the thought of releasing your loved ones from prison as soon as possible. The rest of the time, you will be concerned about arranging bail money for them.

Court appearances and bail procedures can be very challenging for both the arrestee and their families. If the charges are very serious, the release of your loved one can become even more stressful and difficult.

If you have never dealt with a situation like this, you require Bail Bonds. Bail bonds can technically help to reduce this strain and guide you through the legal process. An experienced Bail Bond Agent is what you will need to bail out your loved one with zero hassles.

Bail Bond Professionals assist people in getting their loved ones or relatives with bails and legal proceedings. We are experts in creating complex to regular bail bonds for our clients with utmost professionalism.

We are here with our reliable services and years of experience as licensed and insured Bail Bond Agents if you find yourself in trouble. You can call us at 714-389-2245 or toll-free at 888-389-2245.

What Are Bail Bonds?

Bailing someone out of jail includes many procedures, and it is never an easy task. If your relative or a friend is arrested and charged for a case, you can always apply for bail. However, the bail charges can vary depending on the nature of the case.

Through a bail bond, you can get the defendant out of jail with a promise that they will appear before the court whenever asked to do so. Under certain situations and laws, you can pay the total amount as bail to the court. In few cases, the bail charges are negligible, whereas, in others, they are significantly serious.

Contacting a Bail Bond Agent will not only make the entire episode relaxing for you but also less taxing. Once you hire an agent, you need to pay only half of the bail amount upfront, and they take care of the rest.

A bond dealer will create a contract that you need to sign to ensure that your relative or friend shows up at court for all proceedings and hearings. The defendant themselves can also sign the bail bond agreement if they can pay off the bond amount.

Why Do You Need a Bail Bond Agent in Garden Grove?

Locating an expert Bail Bond Agent having an excellent track record can be a tad complex. Bail Bond Agents technically work on your behalf to tackle cases of any nature that ranges from violence, accident, etc.

Garden Grove is a city in Orange County which isn't alien to violent crimes and felonies. What would happen if your friend or a family member gets arrested in Garden Grove? How do you manage such a situation that involves tons of money for bail?

Under such desperate situations, the Bail Bond Agents come in as your family's savior. Court cases are very sensitive and hence will need some extra attention and efforts to release the defendant. Cases of domestic violence, DUI, robbery, drug offense, you name it, the Bail Bond Agents tackle it all.

They even act as a surety in front of the court and promise to produce property and money. There are multiple Bail Bond Agents and services in every corner of Garden Grove city today. So getting people out of jail is no longer a strain and an upsetting experience for residents at Irvine.

So if your close one gets arrested here, it is time to connect with Bail Bond Professionals for their instant release.

What Happens After You Hire a Bail Bond Agent in Garden Grove?

Now that you have hired a Bail Bond Agent, you need to fill out an application for details regarding the arrestee and the bail bond. Once the bond amount gets decided, the bondsman will post the bond on your behalf.

The entire process of your loved one can take up to six hours or more, depending on the rush. Following this, the bond gets posted, and the release procedures start. Once the arrestee is released, the Bail Bond Agents help them understand their rights.

At Bail Bond Professionals, we guarantee that the defendant gets equipped with the information linked to their responsibilities. Below are a few aspects that the defendant needs to follow after being released:

  • Always comply with the court of law.
  • Stay in touch with us when required to do so.
  • Avoid further criminal charges.
  • Always be present in the court for all hearings and procedures when required.
  • Update the Bail Bond Agents with info regarding their work and personal details as they change.

Even though the Bail Bond Agent can ease the bail procedure, the arrestee must present themselves at court. If they fail to appear before the court, the bail bond may be forfeited, and a warrant will be issued for the defendant.

We at Bail Bonds Professional ensure that your loved one or relatives are in safe hands. We have agents throughout Orange County who handle all the paperwork required for the release of the arrestee.

We even handle all the financial aspects of the release and manage all the legality with utmost care and concern.

How Much Do the Bail Bond Agents Charge?

Bail bonds are necessary to sail through an easy bail process. In Garden Grove, the bail amount is a fixed rate and depends on the gravity of the case. Once you provide the bail amount for your close ones, they can continue their daily business and move on in life.

However, they should comply with all the court proceedings strictly. So how much should you pay the Bail Bond Agents? Is the entire process an expensive affair?

Once you get in touch with the Bail Bond Agent, you can opt for the kind of bond required for the defendant's release. If it's cash bonds, the entire bail amount needs to get paid as cash to the court. However, if it's a surety bond, that's where the Bail Bond Agents step in.

The Bail Bond Agents take up the responsibility of paying the court on behalf of their client. You are required to pay between 7% to 9% premium to for the bond.

So for a $10,000 bail bond, the cost of the bond would be $700, $800, or $900 depending on what you qualify for. Hence it is affordable to get someone out of jail in no time. At Bail Bond Agent, you can pay the premium through cash, card, property, assets, and cheque.

Why Is It Important to Know Your Rights for Bail?

Bail is a right that is entitled to every resident of Garden Grove. Did you know that posting a bond for any case is your constitutional right?

By providing bail, it allows people to carry out their duties and responsibilities towards their families. Being part of the 8th Amendment of the Constitution, you can post bail and return to your everyday life till the court decides on your case.

With a Bail Bond Agent, you will be able to understand better about these rights. You can hire an expert attorney and Bail Bond Agents to structure your bail procedure successfully during this time.

Bail Bond Professionals ensure that the rights of our defendants get defended at all costs. Once you hire us, we assure you that your loved one or relative is present for all court hearings. Even if they cannot make it, under any grave situation, we can reschedule the date.

What Are the Services Offered by Bail Bond Professionals at Garden Grove?

Handling court cases, especially when your loved ones are involved, can be pretty jarring. With Bail Bond Professionals, you can make this better and relaxed.

Below are a few services that we provide our clients at Garden Grove, Orange County:

Professional Guidance

We answer all the information and queries related to bail bonds. Since we are available 24*7 and all year round, the residents can call us any time of the day. We offer free services to clarify all the doubts through a licensed Bail Bond Agent.

We ensure that all the queries and details get dealt with with the highest competence and accuracy. We have information regarding the legal procedures, paperwork, jail information, etc.

Strict Policies

Agents at Bail Bonds Professional ensure that every conversation between them and the clients is kept confidential and personal.

We always adhere to the company's privacy policies and refrain from revealing any details of the arrestee for any other purpose.

Registered and Licensed Agents

The state licenses all the bondsmen and agents at Bail Bonds Professional. We provide trustworthy services to our clients, and hence you can rely on our services without any hesitation.

Flexible Payment Option

We let our clients pay through different payment options, including MasterCard, Amex, Visa, Discover, to name a few. Moreover, we do not promote any annual premium charges for the clients. Hence they do not have to pay more than once a year.

Swift and Easy Bond Approval

We are well aware of the court proceedings and law system of Orange County. Hence, hiring us would mean a quick and smooth release for your loved ones. We provide prompt services to our clients and ensure they do not have to wait long for bail.

Why Choose Bail Bond Professionals Over Other Agents?

If you are looking for Bail Bond Professionals at Garden Grove, then look no more. Bail Bond Professionals with years of experience have warranted that none of their clients leave disheartened or disappointed.

From posting to the bail bond to getting all the paperwork done, we leave no stones unturned. We even accompany the defendants to the court to assist them in any legal proceedings.

Knowledge of Legal Proceedings

We are familiar with the legality and the bail details of California and Orange County. Additionally, we comprehend the ins and outs of how the law works and details regarding the prison. We can even guide you in locating the court for hearings and keep you informed with dates for the same.

Dedication and Professionalism

We work hands-on with all cases, and every client can rely on them for the bail procedures. Clients can contact us directly for any legal aid and expect detailed info regarding the bail and release.

We firmly adhere to professionalism and practice that at work. Our official phone lines are always open, and we are at the forefront to guide our clients all day long. We create an environment of comfort for our clients to discuss any matter of criminal or civil issues.

Cost-Effective Service

Compared to other Bail Bond Agents, we refrain from charging an annual premium price. In certain instances, you may not be able to arrange tons of money for the bail. Hence, we help you by providing the bail amount upfront and charging a standard bail bond premium.


1) Which Court Are You Taken to if Arrested in Garden Grove?

If you or your relative or friend gets arrested in Garden Grove in California, you should attend the courthouse at West Justice Center in Westminster. Cases involving DUI, civil and criminal charges get dealt with in this court.

For any queries before the court hearings, you can reach out to the Justice Center and talk with the Clerk of Courts. You can even contact your Bail Bond Agent to clarify your queries regarding the court procedures.

2) Can the Court of Law Revoke Your Bail Bonds?

Court hearings can be overwhelming for both the defendant and their family. It is vital that your closed one charged for a case answerable to the court during the bail period.

If they act irresponsibly, such as fleeing from the country or not attending court hearings, the court can press severe charges against them. A warrant may be issued, and the bond will get revoked. Hence, it is crucial to abide by the laws and act responsibly during the bail procedure.

3) Who Is the Co-Signer for Bail Bonds?

People who find it challenging to arrange money for the bail can add one more person to sign the bond. It acts as confidence and makes the bond even more solid financially.

So, if you cannot post a bond alone for your dear one, you can add a friend as a co-signer. This move will raise the weightage of the bail bond, and paying the bond will become a lot more manageable.

It reduces the burden of the bail amount on one person alone and increases the chances of releasing your loved ones from prison.

Connect with the Specialists in Bail Bonds

Are you looking for an experienced and reputed bail bond company? We are here at your service! If you are perplexed by the legal proceedings of your loved ones, we are here to help your family.

Reach us at 888-389-2245, and we assist everyone all year long. From cases ranging from criminal to civil to a felony, we have got you covered.

We are doubly sure of the expertise we provide to our clients at every step of the legal proceedings and court hearings. Equipped with the best services and client recommendations, you can hire us as your Bail Bond Agent today!

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