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Orange County Bail Bonds

Westminster Bail Bonds

If Westminster Police have arrested your loved one, they’re in one of two spots - Westminster Jail or the main Orange County jail.  

The Westminster Jail is at 8200 Westminster Blvd and holds only about 15 people. It’s a much smaller cell and isn’t usually where arrestees end up.

The higher chance is that your loved one has ended up in the main Orange County jail down in Santa Ana.

If you’re unable to find out where your loved one has been taken, you can contact Bail Bond Professionals at 714-389-2245 or 888-389-2245. A bail bond agent will help you locate your loved one and help you during an emergency.

Everything You Need To Know About Westminster Police

Has Westminster Police arrested someone you love? Well, you’re probably desperate to get them out and free. In such a situation, the best first step is to call a professional bail bond agent.

Why should you be calling a bail bond agent? A professional is more likely to put your mind at ease about such a distressing situation. At Bail Bond Professionals, we’re there to put all our twenty years of experience to get your loved one out of jail.

Whether it is defense attorneys or court judges, we have an excellent network of contacts that can attest to our outstanding reputation.

With our one-on-one service and many other services, your loved one will be out of jail in no time. Take a look at how we at Bail Bond Professionals can help you!

Commitments Of Bail Bond Professionals

Like any good professional, we have commitments that help us give you the very best service. Our commitments make the process of bail bonds easier and reduce any ill-timed decisions on your part.

  • Professionalism: At Bail Bond Professionals, we are committed to being the best and providing professional service that other can’t match. Our testimonies speak to our professionalism!
  • Availability: A part of our professionalism is about being available. Bail Bond Professionals agents are available 24/7 for your convenience.
  • Experience: Bail Bond Professionals has been in the industry for over twenty years. We put our experience to use in your cases.

Whenever you’re in a tricky situation, let your first step be to call Bail Bond Professionals.




How Does Bail Bond Professionals Help?

When an arrest is made and bail is set, every family member and friend wants to get their loved one out of jail quickly. However, whether it is due to the lack of money or the inability to navigate the bail paperwork, loved ones end up frustrated and confused.

Bail brokers, bail bond agents, or bail bondsmen help clients both financially and logistically. Once you contact Bail Bond Professionals, you will have a bail bond agent that will serve as a bond security agent after receiving a non-refundable fee from the client.

A bond security agent pays the set bail amount to secure the release of your loved one. However, if the defendant does not appear on the required date, thereby forfeiting the bail amount, the bail bondsman is responsible for finding them.

Why Bail Bond Professionals?

A good agency is only as good as its leadership. Jason Meyerson, the owner, has been in the field for over twenty years. His experience, along with the reputation the agency has built among the judicial system in Westminster, is a guarantee.

Bail Bond Professionals guarantee great service, quick release, and ease of payment. When you’re stuck in a hard situation, we make it easier to go through the process and obtain release.

You can reach out to us via our toll-free number: 888-389-2245.


Bail Bonds In Westminster

Nobody is looking to get arrested. However, upon being arrested, one of the first steps should be availing yourself of a bail bond.

Even if you weren’t planning on it, bail bonds are one of the best options when your loved one is in jail. It is especially true if you’re from a low or mid-income family and cannot pay the set bail amount at once.

Since the concept of bail was created to provide the defendant some flexibility, it is a right that everyone should avail of. With bail bonds, everyone can avail this right and avoid imprisonment to work on their case before the trial begins.

But what are the bigger benefits?


How Do Bail Bonds Help You?

Before you avail of a bail bond, you will first need to contact a reliable bail bond firm or agency. The agency you choose is integral as they help you prepare your case and provide the bail amount.

What else do bail bonds help with?

  • A bail bond agent is experienced enough to get your loved one out of jail faster than if you did it yourself.
  • If you’re unable to pay off your bail bonds immediately, bail bond agents can work out a payment plan for you.
  • The bail bondsman has a better understanding of the paperwork required during the bail bond process, so they handle all of it.
  • Apart from handling the bail bond papers, bail bond agents work with you and your defense attorney on your case as well.
  • Unlike a set bail amount, you will only have to pay a small part of the bail amount to get your loved one out of jail. Once they are out, the defendant can pay the bail amount if they skip court.


How Do Bail Bonds Work In Westminster?

Westminster has the same policies in regard to bail bonds as any other city in California. Several agencies and firms can help you navigate the process of bail bonds.

However, here is a rundown of how bail bonds work in Westminster.

Bail is a monetary guarantee provided to the court that the defendant will show up to all the required trial dates until the case is resolved. In case the defendant does not have their money, they can opt for a bail bond.

A bail bond is a guarantee provided by a bail security agent to the court that the defendant will appear in court on the required dates. Once a defendant or their loved ones get in touch with an agency, an agent will look into the circumstances of the defendant.

Once all the case and bail details have been noted, the agency will proceed with the bail bond paperwork. As required by law, the agency will charge a non-refundable premium of 10% on the set bail.

The premium cannot be reduced unless a defense attorney has referred the client to the bail bond agent. Legally, the lowest premium amount that can be charged is 7% of the set bail amount.


What Are Bail Bonds?

According to the Penal Code Section 1276, any licensed bail bondsman can post bail for an arrestee. In return, they receive a 10% premium that is charged on the set bail amount.

Securing a bail bond involves meeting certain set requirements. These requirements entail providing feasible collateral to the bail bond agent or agency. Collateral could include automobiles, property, stocks, jewelry, or anything else of value.

If the defendant does not show up to court and the bail bond agent is required to indemnify the bail amount on behalf of the defendant, the collateral is taken.

A bail bond is like any other contract. The bail bondsman becomes responsible for the defendant’s continuous presence in court when the contract is signed.

If the defendant does not appear on the required day, the bail bond agent can act as a ‘bounty hunter’ to bring them back. If they succeed in bringing them back within 180 days, it is up to the judge whether or not to reinstate bail.

In any case, the defendant will lose money if they skip bail.


Alternatives To Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are not the only way to get a loved one out of jail. If you want to get a loved one out of jail quickly, there are three other alternatives. Bail bonds are the most common option, but your alternatives are as follows.

Cash Bonds

According to Penal Code Section 1269, a defendant can post bail through cash or cashier’s check.

The bail amounts in Westminster generally start at $10,000. They are rarely ever set below this amount. Also, bail amounts can go over $100,000, depending on the crime and severity.

Considering the large bail amounts, it may not be feasible for many people to pay via cash or cashier’s check.

It’s also a massive loss for you if the defendant skips their court date and you have to forfeit the bail amount.

There’s also another problem. Court cases tend to last years, and bail isn’t returned until the case has been resolved and closed. So, all the cash you spent on the bail amount cannot be invested in any sense.

Once the case is resolved, the set bail amount is returned within 6-12 weeks.

Property Bonds

Similar to cash bonds, Penal Code Section 1276.5 allows defendants to post bail through a property deed.

Unlike cash bonds, however, there are multiple requirements to post bail through a property bond. The property in question needs to have equity twice as much as the set bail amount.

For example, if the set bail amount is $100,000, the equity of the property needs to be $200,000 or greater.

But it doesn’t end there. The property also needs to have been recently appraised, any liens need to be disclosed to the court, and the appraisal needs to be done by a professional.

Since the process of property appraisal is lengthy and time-consuming, it’s not a common option. However, if you cannot opt for a bail bond or a cash bond, property bonds are viable avenues of posting bail.

Own Recognizance

The last option or alternative to bail bonds is a release on faith or on own recognizance. It is when the court deems the defendant trustworthy enough to return to court on their own. So, there is no need for bail to be posted.

The defendant will only need to provide a written note promising that they will return for all future court dates.

While it is an option for minor offenses, release on recognizance is generally not the norm for more severe charges.

What’s The Best?

All three options have their own set of drawbacks and advantages. Depending on the set bail amount, circumstances, and available avenues, different options may work for different people.

However, these three alternatives are very rarely seen. Since there are so many extra requirements and restrictions, most people do not opt for cash bonds or property bonds.

Bail bonds remain the most commonly used and convenient option, and Bail Bond Professionals are the most reliable, affordable, and trustworthy agents to aid you!


Bail Bond Process In Westminster

The booking process starts once the defendant has been arrested and brought to either Westminster Jail or Orange County Jail. It is then that you need to reach out to Bail Bond Professionals.

After the booking process is complete, the bail bond agent can start the bail bond process and complete the paperwork.

Here is an overview of the whole process.

Verification Of ID

The booking process starts with the verification of ID. Information such as name, age, birth date, address, and more are listed and run through the system. Depending on the day, the process can be quick or extremely long.

However, the name and other information, along with fingerprints, are used to check for prior arrests, warrants, and bails. This will affect the bail amount.

Paperwork For Bail Bond

Bail bond paperwork can only be started after the booking process is complete and the bail amount has been posted. By this time, it is imperative that you have called Bail Bond Professionals so that the bail bond agent can start the process immediately.

The longer you take to call the bail bondsman, the longer the bail bond process will take. While there is paperwork to be completed for the bail bond to be processed, it will be handled by the bail bondsman.


The release process can take a while, depending on where the defendant has been booked. The smaller Westminster Jail may not take as long for the release process to be completed.

However, if the defendant has been booked in the main Orange County Jail in Santa Ana, the process will take longer.

Generally, the process takes up to 8 hours.


How Can Bail Bond Professionals Help?

The bail bond process alone is complex and time-consuming. Combined with the various other judicial proceedings that you and your loved one will have to go through, it isn’t viable for you to go through the process alone.

Bail Bond Professionals help you with the bail bond process and make the lengthy process easier and manageable.

One of the many ways bail bond agents can help is by relaying information about the bail bond process calmly and simply. The jargon and complexities can confuse anybody, so a bail bond agent will simplify it for you as it comes.

Apart from relaying the vital parts of the bail bond process, the agents also take over the process. So, while you are anxious about the welfare of your loved one, you will not have to deal with bail bond paperwork - the agent will handle it.

Also, the firm’s incredible experience and combined knowledge allow for shorter jail time for your loved one. Bail Bond Professionals helps by making a time-consuming and complex process easy to get through!


Services Offered By Bail Bond Professionals

If the Westminster Police have arrested a loved one, you need a bail bond agent by your side. Apart from helping you with the bail amount, here are all the services offered by Bail Bond Professionals.


Whether you’re availing of the services of the agency or not, Bail Bond Professionals is available 24/7 to provide advice on how to proceed in your delicate situation.

The right information from valid sources can help you make the right decisions that help you get your loved one out of jail. With Bail Bond Professionals, you have direct access to professional advice whenever you require it.

Do not hesitate to contact us at 714-389-2245 or 888-389-2245.

Customer Service

You may require assistance at any point in the day or year. Since arrests are unpredictable, Bail Bond Professionals keep our lines open 24/7 throughout the year.

Every call, regardless of time, is handled with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.

Payment Options

At Bail Bond Professionals, we don’t make the client pay twice for anything. You get the services you pay for. If you require certain services, you can pick a payment plan with that particular service.

There are no hidden fees or annual premiums to worry about - it is all mentioned in the chosen payment plan.

Apart from the payment plans, there are multiple methods of payment available. Methods such as Visa, Amex, MC, and Discover are available, and you can choose what is most convenient for you.

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