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Orange County Bail Bonds

Why Call Us?

Service is our first and foremost priority, period! We pride ourselves on providing service that other Orange County bail companies cannot or do not offer. Services like always being personally available to you. When you call, you will speak directly to an owner and bondsman, either Jason Meyerson or Chris Kiperman, nobody else. We'll drive to your location if it's more convenient for you. We do our best to make sure you can afford not only bail but also an attorney, if you plan to retain one. And most of all, you will be treated as a valued client --- with care, respect and honesty. From Irvine to Huntington Beach bail bonds, our bail bonds in Orange serve the entire county. We understand that bail bonds services are a necessity in any community, no matter where you're from.


We know being arrested can cause a huge financial burden for many hard working families. We also understand that defendants cannot continue to work when they are in custody, making it even more difficult to support themselves and prepare for their defense. This is why we offer flexible, interest-free payment plans* for bail bonds in California and to those that need it most. If you do not have the full bail premium amount or your money is needed to retain an attorney, just ask us if we can help.


We will evaluate a defendant's in-custody situation and determine if posting bail is the most logical and cost-effective answer. Many times, bail in Orange County is reduced or eliminated by the court if the defendant stays in custody just one additional day. We advise you when this is the case and come to a decision regarding bail together. Doing what is in your best interest is how we approach the bail business, not by being unethical or misleading.


Every part of the bail process is kept completely confidential! Both the defendant and your personal information are never shared with anyone. Unlike multichain bail companies with many employees that have access to your information, your information is safe with us.

*Conditions apply.

Serving the entire Orange County and beyond, from Irvine bail bonds all the way to Los Angeles. Contact us at (888) 389-2245 - even if you just have a question.

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