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Orange County Bail Bonds

What if I Get Arrested in Newport Beach?

Is someone you know in trouble and has been arrested by the Newport Beach Police Department? If so, they are probably headed to the Newport Beach Jail but call now and our expert bail agents will have them home in no time!

Follow these steps to get them home quickly and safely:

  • Call Bail Bond Professionals – 714-389-2245
  • Provide us with whatever details you’ve gathered i.e. time of arrest, location, charges, etc.
  • Allow us to contact the Jailer at the Newport Beach Jail collect bail information
  • We will call you back with a quote.
  • Be prepared to pick up the defendant at the jail as they are released quickly after posting bail.

Newport Beach Police Department

The jail in Newport Beach is located at 870 Santa Barbara Drive, right off Jamboree Road.  Defendants arrested there are booked and processed within a few hours.

If bail is posted soon thereafter, they will be released usually within 30 minutes. If they do not post bail, they will be transferred to the Orange County Jail in Santa Ana. You can view their status at the Orange County Jail here; Who's In Jail - Inmate Info (

Newport Beach: Bail Bonds

Since the Bail Bond Regulatory Law was passed in 1937, the California Department of Insurance controlled the bail bond market.

A bail bond is a collateral bond deposited on the Court by a bail bond business as a guarantee for a detention person at any court date.

On depositing the bail bond, the Court will release an arrested person from custody. Bail bonds are entered in and issued as designated officials of licensed security insurance firms by bail agencies.

Newport Beach Police

You might have already heard of Newport Beach, California. Even if you don't belong to its locality, you must have heard about it through movies and T.V. shows and can appreciate its allure.

With all its beauty and great living comes a lot of crime and bad happenings.

If you or a loved one has lately fallen into legal trouble, we are here to assist you! We know how much it would mean to get home quickly in Newport Beach.

If you are ready to talk with a bail bond agent in Newport Beach, CA, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Newport Beach

Newport Beach, CA, a Southern California coastal town, is famous for its port that frequently features gorgeous yachts and lovely people. The city's beaches, surfing, shopping, and restaurants are well-known and wealthy.

In particular, the city offers for anyone something: ordinary and intense leisure, magnificent scenery, nibbles, food and beverages, and even a municipal prison for local arrests.

However, the prison is something to look out for. It offers an on-the-spot Programme for people who desire a more comfortable place to serve their sentences.

In Newport Beach, any kind of criminal will probably be caught and detained if you commit a crime.

It's vital to know what to expect and how to proceed once an arrest has occurred in Newport Beach. It encompasses Balboa Island, Corona Del Mar, Newport Coast, and Lido Island.

Finding the Newport Beach, California Jail

Since Newport Beach has become one of Orange County's major beach towns, it now has its police department and detention center or jail.

The Newport Beach community's resources, the NBPD, are outfitted with cutting-edge traffic. It also has ground surveillance, ensuring that nothing or no one goes unnoticed.

In the name of safety, the Newport Beach Police Department maintains a robust patrol activity by bicycle, foot, and car.

What happens when a crime is reported in Newport Beach or any of the surrounding municipalities? The accused are held at the Newport Beach Police Department's Jail.

What Is a Flight Risk With Bail Bonds?

Aside from the bail schedule, one of the most important considerations in determining your bond amount is your anticipated flight risk.

The likelihood of fleeing the city and attempting to elude the law is referred to as flight risk. The following factors contribute to your flight risk:

  • If you work locally, or if you work at all
  • If you reside nearby and have family in the region
  • If you have previously sought to elude the law

Services With an Arrest in Newport Beach, California

In a city of fun and sun, you can always fall in trouble at any given time. Such a situation may lead you to be arrested.

Whenever an arrest happens in Newport Beach, CA, or any place around, the suspect is usually detained in the nearest police station.

As previously said, Bail Bond Professionals has a track record of delivering the following services to people detained in Newport Beach, CA.

Here is what we deal with:

  • Felony
  • Misdemeanor
  • Traffic in Bail Bonds
  • Drug Offenses
  • Domestic Violence
  • DWI - Drunk Driving
  • Assault
  • Battery Bonds
  • And Many More!

Role of the Police Department During an Arrest

It is critical to understand that the police department is outfitted with the most recent identification technology.

They even have Automated License Plate Recognition.

Trained police personnel validate answers obtained from a statewide database of stolen cars and many other offenses or crimes in the area.

What should you take away from this information? That's simple! If you've been arrested in Newport Beach, CA, the next step is to contact Bail Bond Processionals.

You need to do so to learn more about your legal choices and bail alternatives. We can help you search up almost anything in the system.

Our qualified agents are ready to answer any questions you may have regarding our fees or the bond amount.  We make sure to maintain absolute secrecy.

Rules at Newport Beach Police Services

The following regulations apply to all Newport Beach Police Services in terms of bail:

  • Business checks are not accepted.
  • Cheques from outside the state are not accepted.
  • For bails more than dollars 7,500, no cheques will be accepted.
  • If you are arrested on a warrant issued outside of Newport Beach, no bail will be accepted.
  • Note that there will be no post-dated checks.
  • There will be no third-party inspections as well.
  • There is no mixing of payment methods like part traveler's cheques and cash.
  • All those who are jailed must pay a single fee of dollars 355.

Court Proceedings in Newport Beach

You will have to wait until the day of your trial after being released from prison to be permitted to return home. You may also be compelled to attend many court sessions before your trial.

All court procedures will most likely take place at the Harbor Justice Center Newport Beach. This is situated at 4601 Jamboree Rd, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

Attending these sessions on time and dressed appropriately is critical.  This creates a good impression on the Court and ensures that your bail does not become forfeited.

You would not be able to get your bail back once it is forfeited. Then you will lose all of the money you provided to the Court. 

Contact your bail agent immediately if you have unintentionally missed a court date or know you will be late. Then notify them of the circumstances.

How to Get Out of Newport Beach Jail

Are you looking to get out of a sticky arrest situation? Whether for you or your loved one, Bail Bonds are your best option!

Bail bonds operate by enabling a defendant to post bail that they would not have been able to finance otherwise.

A bail bond will allow you to be released from jail before their trial.

To get a bail bond, offenders must pay a portion of the bail sum. Unlike bail, this percentage is nonrefundable. This is even if Defendant follows all of the requirements of the pretrial release.

So what do you do next? It would help if you had a trustworthy Bail Bonds firm and agent.

Are Bail Bonds the Only Option in Newport Beach?

If you need to get out of jail, you'll look for a reputable bail bond company. They would then assist you in preparing your case in Court during the trial.

Here are some examples of how they might be of tremendous assistance:

  • If you utilize a bail bond agency or the services of a bail bond agent, you may be able to get out of jail quickly.
  • If you do not have enough money right away to pay off your bail bonds, you may work out a payment plan with the bail bond company.
  • A bail bond agency will handle all your documentation, and you will only have to wait for your release paperwork.
  • With bail bonds, you can pay only a portion of the whole sum.

Bail Bond Agents in Newport Beach

A bail bondsman is someone or a corporation who posts bail for defendants. Bondsmen generate money by charging fees for bail bond services and posting bail.

We are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week at Bail Bonds Professionals. Since problems might develop at any time, we get someone on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our professionals work everywhere in California and will do all possible to accelerate the bonding procedure.

Bail Bond Process at Newport Beach

A bail bond is undoubtedly a type of surety bond, but how much do you know about post arrests?

Post Arrest Procedure

  • Following an arrest, you will be transported to the Newport Beach jail. This is situated at 870 Santa Barbara Drive.
  • Friends and relatives can contact the police department at 949-644-3681 to find out what information they need to give the bail bondsman.
  • After completing the booking and intake procedures, you will be transported to a cell until your bond can be paid.
  • If you pay a bondsman to deposit your bail, the release procedure will begin. Now you will be permitted to go after it is finished.

The Bail Bond Procedure

The bail bonds procedure in Newport Beach is straightforward. Here is what you need to know:

  • Bail will be determined based on the nature and severity of the offenses committed once charges have been filed.
  • A bail bond application is then written or filled out.
  • There will be a 10 percent premium required to obtain the bond.
  • The Defendant will be freed once your bondsman posts the bond at the prison.
  • If you do not have a great arrest record, you can also post bail.
  • In this case, you will travel to the jail with your bail bondsman, where you will be assessed.
  • The bondsman will take the required measures to post your bond.
  • You will go directly from booking and intake to the release procedure.

What Role Do Bail Bond Professionals Play?

Most defendants do not have the financial means to post bail on their own. Do you find yourself in the same position? That's where we come in as a bail bonds firm. So, what should you do now?

After you hire a bail bond expert or a bond agency like ours, the process just gets easier, and you're home safe.

If you fail to appear, our bail bond agency will reimburse the Court for the remaining money.

Alternatives to Bail Bonds in Newport Beach

If you wish to get someone out of jail, there are three additional options available to you.

While a bail bond is the most frequent alternative, you also have the following options:

Cash Bonds

A Cash Bail is when the Defendant or a family member or friend deposits the whole amount of the bond to the Court via the Sheriff's Office.

The Court deducts any court expenses. These include penalties, fees, and money owing for this case. It could also be any previous case with a huge balance. Section 1269 of the California Penal Code allows you to pay in cash or with a cashier's check.

Furthermore, you are well aware that you will not collect the funds if Defendant fails to appear in Court.

Own Recognizance

You do not have to pay a bond if you are released on your recognizance.

Defendants freed on their recognizance must simply sign a written commitment to appear in court when called upon. There is no need to pay bail, either to the Court or to a bail bond vendor. All other parts of bail, however, remain unchanged.

As expected, not all accused are eligible for this option, especially considering the seriousness of criminal cases.

Property Bonds

A property bond is a bond that utilizes real property as collateral to secure the release of a person from jail. This is while they await trial.

Property bonds include real estate and other physical property. These are utilized to ensure that a person attends all pretrial hearings and criminal trial processes.

Under the P.C. Section 1276.5, defendants have the option of posting bail through a property deed.

Which Option Is the Best for You?

You can probably determine that each of the three choices has flaws and unrealistic qualification criteria.

You may go for it if you can attain or meet the conditions. However, considering their limited operating hours, it is easy to see why Newport Beach residents prefer bail bonds.

Bail bonds are far more convenient and cost-effective.

Bail Bond Professionals: Our Commitment

We want to keep our firm modest and efficient at Bail Bond Professionals. We believe that customers in need of bail should not settle for anything less than competence and professionalism.

We will be your savior in time of need. We aim to get you home quickly and safely.

As professionalism is at the heart of our work culture, we included it in our name as a pledge to that ideal.

The Best of Bail Bonds in Newport Beach

Are you looking for the best in the business? We have spent years establishing a reputation for offering quick and effective service.

What we provide:

  • Complete discretion is assured.
  • Every case is handled with professionalism and efficiency.
  • We have several years of expertise.
  • We Pay excellent attention to detail.
  • Financing is available to those who qualify.

When you're dealing with a stressful circumstance, you would like a bail bonds company on your side! You would also need one with the skills and experience to correctly get the job done the first time.

We offer well-known, proficient bail bond services in Newport Beach and many neighboring towns.

Contact Bail Bond Processionals in Newport Beach, CA

Bail Bond Professionals in Newport Beach, CA, is dependable and competent. We house only professional agents that will save you from difficulties, disappointments, emotional anguish, and problems.

We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We manage problems in strict confidence and have worked with a wide range of arrests. 

Do consider us in your time of need!

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