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Bail Bond Annual Premium

Bail Bond Annual Premium, Not with Bail Bond Professionals.

Most agencies require the consumer to pay the bail bond premium more than once if their case continues longer than one year; it’s called an “annual premium”. NOT AT BAIL BOND PROFESSIONALS! This can save you literally thousands of dollars in premium payments, particularly with serious felony cases where bail amounts are high and cases can last several years.

As an example; Bail Bond Professionals posted a $500,000 bond for a defendant in an Orange County case in 2006 for grand theft and other related charges. As of November 2011, the defendants’ case is still pending trial. Had the family chosen to post bail with anybody but us they would be forced to pay anADDITIONAL $200,000 IN BAIL BOND PREMIUMS to keep the defendant out of jail pending trial.

Rest assured that we at Bail Bond Professionals operate with integrity, honesty and professionalism and would never take advantage of people seeking our help in time of need.

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