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Bail Bonds in Placentia


The Santa Ana police are responsible for arrests in Placentia. If a person has been arrested in the Placentia area, they will be taken into custody and booked at the local jail. In certain situations, bail will be set immediately, allowing the defendant to be bailed out directly from the Santa Ana Jail. The majority of defendants, are transferred to the Orange County Jail that is located next door. Bail bonds provides the court the security of knowing they will return for their court hearings once they are released.

What Is Bail?

A bail bond is a form of insurance policy that can be posted by the defendant. By posting the bond, the defendant agrees to return for all of their scheduled court hearings and will comply with the court's other requirements. If a defendant jumps bond or flees, the bail is forfeited. When a defendant fails to appear, a warranty is issued for their arrest and they are taken back into custody. If the bail bond agency finds the defendant and returns them to the jail, the bail can be reinstated but the defendant must remain in jail. After the case is closed, the bail is released to the bail bond agency and the co-signer.

In most cases in California, a bail bond or cash is the normal mode of payment. The courts will accept other forms, however, including credit cards, personal property and deeds to property. These are called “property bonds”. Bail is different for each type of offense. Past criminal history and different aspects of the case can determine whether or not a defendant is allowed to bond out. When it comes to bail, the phrase “innocent until proven guilty” has little to do with the situation. The judge determines the amount of bail by thinking as if the defendant were guilty of the crime The amount of bail can be as small as a thousand dollars or more than a million. The amount of bail depends on several factors, most importantly, the severity of the charges and the defendants' capacity to flee the area.

Bail Bond Services in Placentia

A bail bonds agency can help you bond a defendant out of jail if you do not have the financial means to post bail to the court on your own. For a fee of 8 to 10 percent of the total bond amount. California law demands the payment of the fee and will not negotiate the amount. If you have a bail amount of $10,000, your fee plus the amount required to post the bond would be $800 to $1,000. After the case closes and the defendant complies with all of their court obligations, their bail will be released to the co-signer. The original fee, however, is not refundable. If the defendant does not appear in court or commits another crime during their release, their bail will be revoked and a warrant will be issued for their arrest. If the defendant flees, a bounty hunter may be used to find them and return them to jail. If this occurs, extra collateral may be required.

Placentia, CA

Placentia and the small community of Atwood are located in northern Orange County, California. Atwood is located south of Placentia. During the 2010 census, the population for the area was approximately 50,533. Thought of as a bedroom community, Placentia is committed to public safety and has quiet, peaceful neighborhoods.

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