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Orange County Bail Bonds

If you are appearing in Central Court on a warrant or your current bail may go higher, be sure to have a qualified bondsman with you, otherwise you will be sent to jail. The new policy states that if at any point a judge“remands a defendant to the custody of the Sheriff”, they will no longer accept a bail bond in court and the defendant will be sent to Orange County Jail.

The only way to avoid this is by informing the court in advance that a bondsman is currently present in the courtroom and is prepared to post the bond immediately. Having a bondsman on “standby” may not be good enough anymore, especially if the lunch break or end of the day is fast approaching. This new policy is in effect for Central court ONLY. The other three courts, North, West and Harbor Court, will allow defendants to be held by the Sheriff then released later in the day once bail is posted.Just a friendly notice from a bondsman who cares.

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