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The ExpertBail Network together with Jason Meyerson of Bail Bond Professionals, have launched a new and exciting bail bond education program for high school students in Orange County. Its’ purpose is to inform and educate students about the dangers of drinking while driving and what to expect if they are arrested.

Fountain Valley High School was chosen as the first school to launch this innovative program and it was extremely well received by students, staff and the media. As a bailbondsman for thirteen years Mr. Meyerson was able to share numerousexamples of clients that were straight “A” students with bright futuresthen chose to drink and drive.

These students ended up hurting orkilling someone while driving under the influence which landed them inprison for very long sentences, sometime five years or more. “It’s anabsolute tragedy that lives are literally ruined and lost by one verypoor decision that could have been avoided. We hope this program willencourage teenagers to really think hard before getting behind thewheel”.

The Orange County Sheriff Department, Santa Ana Police, NewportBeach Police, Irvine Police and all other Orange County law enforcement agencies are very serious and aggressive when it comes to drinking and driving. Students need to understand in advance the seriousness and consequences if they make the wrong choice.Fountain Valley High School is the first of hopefully dozens of schools nationwide that could benefit from such a program. Bail Bond Professionals in Orange County ishonored to be working with ExpertBail on such a positive effort and islooking forward to growing the program.To read more about the program click here

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