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PLEASE NOTE: We cannot search for federal inmates or provide you with bail information. Before contacting us for assistance, you must first contact the Federal Public Defenders Office to determine if bail has been set for a defendant and the type of bond required for release. We are only able to assist with Corporate Surety Bonds or Property Bonds (see below) within the state of California.

Federal Public Defenders Office:

San Diego (Southern District):

Los Angeles, Riverside (Central District):

San Francisco, Oakland (Northern District):


(Criminal Cases Only)

Signature Bond (No Justification)

When a Federal Judge or Magistrate sets bail for a defendant and requires only a personal guarantee from one or more financially responsible people, this is considered a “Federal Bond with No Justification”. This means that collateral is not needed to guarantee the bond, only a personal promise by others to pay the bond if the defendant fails to appear in court or violates the conditions of bail. This type of bond can be easily prepared by the attorney handling your case or at the Attorney of the United States office (AUSA),

Corporate Surety Bond, a.k.a. Federal Bail Bond

Bail Bond Professionals is one of only a few companies in southern California licensed and approved to write Corporate Surety Bonds. Call us first for help, (714) 389-2245.

Much like a state used “bail bond”, a Corporate Surety Bond is a financial guarantee to the court that the defendant will appear in court and guaranteed by an insurance policy written by a bail bond agency. Additionally, the Corporate Surety Bond guarantees ALL conditions of bail imposed on the defendant while out of custody pending trial. Conditions of federal bail can vary widely; examples such as restricting the defendants travel to a specific region, requiring weekly drug tests or limiting business activities are common. For this reason corporate surety bonds are not commonly used because the risk and liability to the bail bond companies are exceptionally high. When these bonds are used, they will typically cost 15% of the bail amount and secure collateral is required, such as a house with matching equity or cash collateral. We are the Federal Bail Bond experts. Call us first.

Corporate Surety Bond Premium

Firstly, if you are processing a Corporate Surety Bond (Federal bail bond) the fee is generally 12% to 15% instead of 10%. This is due to the additional time, processes and risk involved. For example, greater bail restrictions are often placed on the defendant, such as weekly drug tests and travel limitations. The court conditions create higher risk for the bail bond agency, thus a higher fee.

Federal Bond using Deeded Property, a.k.a Property Bond (with Justification)

Most often, cash or real property must be pledged directly to the court to guarantee the defendants appearance in court and other conditions of bail. Unlike a bail bond used in state court which places liability for the defendants appearances on a bail bond company, Federal Bonds use no middle-man and require assets to be pledged directly to the Federal Court. A Federal Judge or Magistrate will determine the bail amount, the conditions of bail and how it should be submitted. In addition to cash or equity in real property the court may require additional things to secure the bond, such as a personal guaranty from friends and family and the surrender of the defendants passport.

This is the type of Federal Appearance Bond we can assist you with. We charge a flat fee based on the number of properties pledged and you can rest assured the bond will be correctly prepared and submitted quickly. Click for more details

Experts in Preparing Federal Bonds using Deeded Property

If a friend or loved one has been arrested by the Federal Government in a criminal matter, they may be eligible for release using a “Federal Bond using Deeded Property”. We are the recognized experts at preparing these complex bonds, which is why defense attorney’s and their clients have turned to us for twenty years to get defendant’s released from federal custody quickly and cost effectively. Most bail bondsman are unfamiliar with the Federal Bond system and are unable to help. Not us. We start preparing the necessary documentation immediately by contacting the United States Attorney, scheduling next-day property appraisal(s), generating Title Reports and basically doing whatever it takes to expedite the process and have your loved one released quickly.

Our services include:

  • Having property(s) appraised within two days.
    • Meet with all parties to have proper documents signed and notarized.
    • Record all Trust Deeds with the County Recorders Office.
    • Have Title Report issued.
    • Meet with AUSA to have bond approved.
    • Meet with Court Clerk to have bond approved by Judge.

We charge a onetime flat fee which is based on the number and location of property(s) being pledged.

Please Beware! There is absolutely no room for error when it comes time to submit an Appearance Bond to the U.S. Attorney’s Office and presiding Judge. If any part of the bond is done incorrectly or not according to their guidelines, the bond will not be approved and the defendant will not be released. Don’t try and prepare these bonds yourself. It’s crucial that you rely on an experienced bondsman with the contacts and knowledge to correctly prepare and submit these bonds correctly the first time.

Please call us to discuss your particular situation, we would be glad to help.

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Federal Bail Bonds - Orange County

When someone is arrested and accused of a Federal or an interstate crime, they may be able to be released using a Federal Bail Bond. Federal crimes may include crimes where the defendant crossed a state line, federal property defacement, FBI-investigated crimes, drug trafficking, Federal tax evasion, kidnapping, and certain types of fraud.

Federal bonds are similar to a state or county bail bonds, but they differ in two ways.

Nebbia Hearings

Secondly, extra collateral is often required for Federal Bail bonds, and in addition there is a bail sufficiency requirement that the defendant is required to attend a special hearing called a Nebbia, Nebia Hearing, a 1275 bail sufficiency hearing, or a Bail Source Hearing. This hearing is to make sure that the defendant does in fact have the extra collateral to cover the entire cost of the bond. The defendant and any co-signers of the bond must prove that the money and collateral paying the bond comes from a legitimate source. The court want to assurance that money being used for bail is not stolen or fraudulently obtained monies.

Because Federal Bail Bonds usually involve large sums of money or real estate, the Nebbia hearing must be handled properly. There are several procedures and steps that must be completed that not all bail bond agents are familiar with. The bail bond agent is significantly involved because he/she is the one that produces a document called the “Nebbia Proffer” This is a result of analyzing all of the defendants’ assets that are used as collateral to underwrite the bond. The Nebbia Proffer is given to the defendants’ attorney, and then given to the prosecutor. If the prosecutor does not agree that the requirements have been met, the case will be set for a Nebbia Hearing and a judge will then decide.

Hiring an experienced bail bond agent who knows the processes for a Federal Bond will make the entire procedure easy, and reduce the hassle and the risks.